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Welcome to this GENUINE Vision kit, our kits and clearomizers are Genuine Vision products and are not copies.
This kit comes with everything you need to get started, just add liquid.
The ever popular ego batteries at 900 mah capacity provide enough life for around 8-10 hours use, while having another battery there just in case ;)
Always be using one while the other is charging, never be without.
Comes with 2 Vision V3 clearomizers, these clearomisers are rebuildable saving you costs in the long run, with only having to buy spare parts rather than a whole new clearomiser.

Batterys have the 5 click on/off feature, please note all batteries are sent turned off, when you first recieve your new kit please remember to tap the buttons 5 times to turn on upon first use.

Product comes with:

2 Ego Vision 900 Mah Batteries (Black)
2 Vision V3 Clearomizers Black - Rebuildable
1 USB charger
1 Wall charger
1 smart carry case

Replacement V3 heads can be found here
Replacement re-buildable V3 clearomizers can be found here

For information on how to use this kit please click here

When you receive your kit, please unscrew all parts of the V3 clearomizer and make sure everything is screwed in tight before filling with liquid, especially the head within the clearomizer, to prevent any initial leaks and to prolong the life of the clearomizer.

Your battery may contain the Vision Logo, Ego-T logo or nothing printed, unfortunately we cant offer a choice as kits are sealed from Vision.  All batteries come with the official Vision hall mark on the threading of the battery.

Warranty Information for this product, read before buying, click link below.

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Harry Skelmersdale   5 Stars
also got this today looked all over the place to find a starter kit of this price range which was a good as this couldn't find one recommend it to anyone

Reviewer: Peter H Lincolnshire   5 Stars
First class service great backup excellent product.

Reviewer: Jon Mcgreevy Glasgow, Scotland   5 Stars
Previously I had been a 20+ a day smoker for 30 years & started vaping with e-cigs around a month ago starting with the types you can get in local shops, feeling dissatisfied with these (as many will do) I took the plunge for a proper vaping kit & chose the Ego & what a difference, it's a brilliant piece of kit & the service from Vapeland is second to none, great prices & customer service, arrived the day after ordering & well packaged. Big thumbs up from a very satisfied (and returning) customer

Reviewer:    5 Stars
When I started researching eCigs etc, found the various web-sites completely confusing. The whole process is a big step for any long term smoker Thankfully, I stumbled upon Vapeland. My initial questions were promptly answered via email, my starter kit arrived within 24 hours The kit is easy to use, although it has taken a day or so to get used to the new taste (24mg USA mix) I'm now at the stage where I am not thinking of my next smoke (after 2 days since my last roll up lol), and am totally at ease with the thought that after nearly 40 years as a smoker I am in with a chance of kicking the habit - who would have thought that? The instructions contained in the kit are not great, suggest watching the video links on the web-site, will save a lot of headscratching lol Would highly recommend Vapeland, and their products, to anyone

Reviewer: Jase W Yorkshire   5 Stars
Wow just made an order yesterday afternoon, it's the first time I've used this company, and I've received my starter kit, many thanks good service, highly recommend.

Reviewer: fred manchester   5 Stars
Solid quality. Great price. No reason not to buy.

Reviewer: Phil Grosmont   5 Stars
I cant give this a higher review, but if i was a member of spinal tap, the stars should go to 11 (and i'd rate it as such). Been to the pub, which as all smokers know is the ideal opportunity to light up, and when offerred a cig, didnt want one, but opted for the V3. I did not buy this with the intention of using it to give up smokiing,but can honestly say that after 3 days i havent had a smoke, but have been content to vaporise instead as 1, it tastes better, 2 its cheaper, 3, its healthier, 4 it dosent have the social drawbacks and stigma. I cant believe that the government is not helping to promote these products (probably because they dont get the same outragious revenue from the sales), as the unconcious effort to pack in regular tabacoo is taken away completely. If you have tried champix, ziban, patches and the rest and failed use this. I am genuinely amazed as are my smoking shelter buddies (you also still have a reason to go for a smoke break if your employer wont let you vap in doors)!

Reviewer: James Tait Wishaw, Scotland   5 Stars
Seen some people with these at work, so thought I would give it a try after trying everything else, arrived today (2 days after ordering although ordered Sunday night, emails at every stage - Thanks) and like a kid with a new toy, started to test straight away even though I just had cig. Not expecting a quick delivery, set myself a Friday stop smoking day, but had to try it. What a hit it gives you, one hour later had another cig, just because my parter had one because I did not feel as if I needed one. Could not smoke even half of it, think my body had too much nicotine as made me light headed. 2 lessons learnt, 24mg e liquid for starter, probably a bit to much and stay off cigs after trying as this kit works. New stop smoking start date tomorrow as I am confident this will work now, will write a new review 30 days in. Also have to mention after searching for 3 days on the Internet for a kit, Vapeland had the best kit at best price, not forgetting the very quick delivery. Looks like Vapeland will be seeing a lot more of me over the coming months.

Reviewer: jennifer windsor chester   5 Stars
i have recently purchased this starter kit and have been very successful not smoking. it is the best substitue and came highly recommended to me. Had a problem with both my e-cigs which failed to work after couple of days. the customer service was first class and very prompt. i had not unscrewed the clearomizer and tightened the parts before filling. i have now done this, and both e-cigs are now working fine. note to self read the instructions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE AND THE PRODUCTS. 10/10 thank you

Reviewer: Kevin London   5 Stars
Good product, easy to use, delivered fast. I'm wondering if the 1100mah battery would also be worth buying? That said the system works fine with the 900mah, I guess I just like the idea of choice of battery power. Only one small gripe, the instruction manual wasn't so clear on how to fill the e-liquid, pictures could be better. Overall fantastic product and I recommend Vapeland based on product and speed of delivery.

Reviewer: Nic Leeds   5 Stars
Ordered this kit Monday, arrived Tuesday AM with postie - recorded delivery. Excellent service. I had been using Nicocigs after giving up cigarettes. They did the job, but this is fantastic - way better. Thank you Vapeland.

Reviewer: Richard Essex   5 Stars
Just recieved my eGo-t 5, and couldent be more pleased. Fantastic value. Very fast delivery, a excelent service. Cant wait to start ordering diffrent colouret tanks and mouth pices.

Reviewer: Pete Leeds, West Yorkshire   5 Stars
I ordered 2 ce5 kits, and 4 e-liquids after midnight thursday and they arrived at 7.40am this morning, FANTASTIC service and I've been smoking for 25+ years and I feel these are very good to come off of cigs I got 16mg I would recommend without a doubt. vapeland are FANTASTIC I wil be back as Arnie says.

Reviewer: John Yorkshire   5 Stars
Every now and again we find a good deal online, what makes it an excellent deal is when the same company can be bothered with the after sales. I ordered one of these kits before the bank holiday and received it very fast. I ordered another kit and some spares today. The kit is very good quality and the service from Vapeland has been great. I will be buying from here again without any worries at all. Price, service and quality all earn 5 stars.

Reviewer: Pete Derbyshire   5 Stars
Just received ce5 starter kit and Highway juice. Its a massive step up from The Elites that i had been using. Very well made bit of kit. Vapelands customer service, delivery and price is second to none. They even answered my questions instantly on a bank holiday. Will defiantley be coming back for more.

Reviewer: John Slough   5 Stars
Wow what a service ordered it over the bank holiday weekend and got it 2 days after. I was surprised to be able to use it straight out of the box. used it that night on a night out and had no craving for a proper cigarette all night even though I was with 3 smokers. I did find the 16 mg a bit harsh to start with but was ok after a min or two. If you are going to use an e-cig then use this one it's fantastic and the service hear is the best.

Reviewer: Fast Eddie Dundee   5 Stars
Can't recommend this product enough, fantastic piece of kit. Stopped smoking completely a few months back and went with SkyCig for a bit but soon became tired of short battery life and hassle trying to re-fill their (expensive) cartomisers. It was an OK introduction to vaping but this eGo kit is a whole other ballgame. Really well made, tons of vapour and ultimately very satisfying. Don't hesitate to buy this product if you're swithering, Vapeland are a great outfit and you won't find this cheaper anywhere! 5 stars for product, service and delivery.

Reviewer: Tony Wakefield West Yorks   5 Stars
Gave up tobacco smoking completely 5 months ago with a 3 piece low powered 510 but the CE5 is definitely the next level up. An excellent product - good vapour, throat hit and battery life (my old ecig only lasted about half an hour between charges). Only downside is its a bit thirstier than the old 510 but then its so powerful you don't need to use it as much to get your fix. Have to say that Vapeland is excellent. Good prices, products and service. I'm recommending you to all my friends and will be back ordering from you again. Thanks.

Reviewer: baz cromer   5 Stars
just recently got this kit and am surprised how great it is.been smoking 25years and not had a ciggy for a week and not even craved for1 due to this fantastic kit

Reviewer: Mark Harlow,essex   5 Stars
All i can say is WOW, been smoking it for a day now and no faffing about having to keep changing batterys. Best deal by far and would urge anyone wishing to quit smoking to go for it. there e'liquid is clear and has alovely sweet taste, will be back here again and again. 10/10.

Reviewer: Jon Bristol   5 Stars
Wish I'd found Vapeland before now, these kits are fantastic value and probably one of the best vaping products out there, the rebuildable clearomisers make for easy upkeep and maintainance, and the PRICE well if you can find the same quality cheaper on the web i'll drink my ejuice :). The service from Vapeland is second to none i've used a number of suppliers in the past but Vapeland is the only place I'll be buying from in the future.. Well done guys keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Sheila South Yorkshire   5 Stars
I would just like to share with anyone thinking of purchasing the ego CIG. I say go for it,I have been trying to stop smoking for a long time,but without much :-) success,anyway I was collared in my local shopping mall and talked into buying the e cig, the small cigarette type with the look of a super king cig,it did get me off cigs,but at the end of a month I was almost ready to go back to them,the battery only lasted about 2 hours,then needed charging, and one refill didn't even last a day,and I only smoked about 10 a day. It was all so frustrating,so i looked on the net and saw all these ego ones with high powered batteries, so decided to give these a try. Which company though?,there are so many out there,so in the end I was so confused,and fed up of looking at all the various sites,so I decided on Vapeland going by the customer reviews. So glad I did,a remarkable company,great communications,very helpful,and great prices,and very super quick delivery,all in all a great service,and I would recommend to anyone. So thank you Vapeland,you have another well satisfied customer.

Reviewer: Denise Marriott northants.   5 Stars
exellent I got my order within 2 days everything was there all in good order also answers my emails within hrs sometimes mins. ive been with others and there is no comparison at all THESE ARE THEE BEST out there ....

Reviewer: Paul Birmingham   5 Stars
Ordered one day here the next, and i didnt even pay for next day delivery, fantastic! Been off the cigarettes for 5 weeks now using this product, one battery on a full charge lasts me 3 days!!! and im not a light vaper either, absolutely stunning service from VapeLand and i have not got enough space or time here to really show my gratitude, thumbs up from a happy guy in Brum!

Reviewer: Simon West lanc''s   5 Stars
Fantastic service, great product and genuine next day delivery What more could you ask ? Well, after trawling the net I can tell you, they''re the cheapest by far too !!!!

Reviewer: Gilbert Lancs   5 Stars
Ce5 Kit is great . really good quality product.best value anywhere on net or in shops.The E-Liquid is good too. I bought some from another internet site & was nasty. this company is the best out there. mega fast delivery too. 11 out of 10. keep up the good work Vapeland

Reviewer: Gemma Bournemouth   5 Stars
Hi vapeland, was recommended by a friend, amazing product very quick delievery. The cheapest around, been two day of vaping and going good!! Have great flavours, will recommend to everyone. Also e-mailed a question and replyed in seconds, great work vapeland!! :)

Reviewer: Richard Croydon   5 Stars
This was my first attempt at e-cigs. Arrived very quickly. Excellent piece of kit. I have been using this for the last 2 months and have only had to change one head. (That means no analogues for 2 months!). The batteries last all day and having two means I am never without a vape. (Just started using your Cherry Cigar - awsome!)

Reviewer: Lindsey Yorkshire   5 Stars
Absolutely outstanding, fantastic online service. Ordered one day, here the next. This kit is excellent value for money. Its the perfect starter kit. Easy & simple to put together, use and maintain. Vapeland have all the spare parts you need what more could a newbie ask for? Simply perfect product from a business thats got customer service absolutely right.

Reviewer: Clare Neath   5 Stars
A fantastic kit for the price, I ordered this yesterday after becoming fed up with quality issues and poor customer service for another E cig supplier. Having been using the CE4 clearomizer I am very impressed with the quality of the CE5 and glad it''s rebuildable. I also want to say thank you for the swift delivery, ordered around lunch time yesterday and the kit arrived this morning. I am very pleased with the service and the product and very glad I switched supplier to Vapeland. I love the loyalty scheme too :-)

Reviewer: Kevin Barlas Edinburgh   5 Stars
Really good service. I emailed asking about stock and got a reply really quickly. I then ordered the Ce5 starter kit and it was with me the very next day. Im very happy with it all. Thank you!!

Reviewer: Kathy Northampton   5 Stars
Brilliant service, Dean was a pleasure to deal with, i buggered my order up and was worried about it, contacted VapeLand via live chat at midnight!!! and there was someone available who amended my order to what i required, refunded the correct amount there and then, and sent my order out the next day. I could not recommend VapeLand enough, thanks so much

Reviewer: Laura Birmingham   5 Stars
Recently quit smoking, this is good for a beginner like me. Good price and nice product.

Reviewer: Steve Woking   5 Stars
Bought 2 starter kits, one for me and my friend, for a fishing trip. Absolutely fantastic, the case keeps them out of harms way while fishing, and getting 2 batteries your always assured you got something to vape on, and the price, well what can i say, saved a lot of pennies here!!!!!

Reviewer: Deborah London   5 Stars
What a price, pretty much half the price of everywhere else i looked for a ego starter kit. Saved to my bookmarks, im coming back again and again, thanks Vapeland

Reviewer: Mike Bridport   5 Stars
Hey guys, its Mike from the market, nice to see you got your online shop up and running, just to let you know im still using the same clearomizers i got from you 3 months ago, still going strong, thanks for all your help, and i hope to still see you trading down Bridport market, all the best, Mike

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