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If your new to Vaping alot of the terms and acronyms being used may boggle you, below we have listed what we feel the most popular acronyms are and thier meanings.

A two-part electronic cigarette consisting of a battery and a cartomizer

A three-part electronic cigarette consisting of a battery, atomizer and cartridge.

A regular tobacco cigarette. Term used in contrast to the electronic or 'digital' nature of the E-Cig.

The part of the electronic cigarette that heats up to vaporize the e-juice. It typically consists of some kind of wick wrapped in fine wire or a mesh.

A common abbreviation for atomizer. Used several ways. It can refer to the atomizer: 1) in a cartomizer, 2) as the separate 2nd section of a 3-piece E-Cig, or 3) as the vaping chamber used for dripping.

Automatic E-Cig
An electronic cigarette which activates when a special sensor detects an air pressure change created by suction at the mouthpiece. This special sensor and circuit is included in the battery section of an automatic E-Cig. Such batteries are called Automatic Batteries.

A common abbreviation for battery. The first part of both the 2-piece and 3-piece designs. Comes in two main types: Automatic and Manual.

Big Pharmaceutical companies. They don't like products that they do not control and therefore sell for outrageously high prices.

Some of the dastardly 'bad guys' in this exciting episode.

The metal wire or mesh portion within the atomizer that makes contact with the e-juice to produce vapor.

Big Tobacco companies. They are threatened by an alternative to their stinky cancerous-chemical laden products.

Some of the dastardly  'bad guys' in this exciting episode.

A common abbreviation for cartridge.

An atomizer built into the cartridge, often marketed as disposable. Better companies design theirs to be refillable. Even so, they tend to have a limited life until the atomizer burns up. Most cartomizers typically hold less than 1ml of E-Juice.

A plastic or covered metal mouthpiece usually containing e-juice suspended within some type of wadding or filler. Designed to be paired to an atomizer to produce vapor. The third part of a '3-piece'.

A common abbreviation for cartomizer.

A common abbreviation for clearomizer.

Similar to a cartomizer, but with a transparent tube instead of a metal one. Has a small wick in a large empty sealed chamber that you can fill with a blunt 'fill needle' over and over again. Offers the advantages of larger capacity and being able to see how much e-juice remains. Like cartomizers, they have a limited life until the atomizer burns up. Clearomizers hold 2-3ml of E-Juice, depending on the size and design.

TIP: Clearomizers in particular are prone to leakage unless properly filled and reassembled. It is always best to store clearomizers (even temporarily) in an upright (mouthpiece-up) position. Upside down or horizontal storage will allow the E-Juice to over-saturate the atomizer wick and leak.

Safety feature. Cutoff is how long the battery will activate before shutting down temporarily. Protects the atomizer from burning up. Common feature of Automatic E-Cigs.

Vaping by adding a few drops of e-juice directly into an atomizer chamber instead of using a cartridge. This is the method that gives the best vapor quantity and flavor quality. The downside? It's labor intensive. Atomizer chambers designed for dripping only hold a drop or three of liquid. That's enough for four or five big draws or a dozen small ones at the most. Don't drip and drive!

SAFETY NOTE: Only use this method with E-Cigs designed for dripping (aka a Drip Kit with a manual battery) or you may cause your automatic battery to stick in the activated mode and/or to short out. Ignoring this advice is possibly dangerous if a battery not designed for dripping was to fully short out and burn up.

Drip Kit
A manual battery, atomizer chamber, and drip tip, designed specifically for dripping.

Drip Tip
A mouthpiece with a wide opening that allows drops of e-juice to be dripped directly to the atomizer without removal of the tip.

A common abbreviation for electronic cigarette.


The liquid used in electronic cigarettes. There are many varieties and formulations out there in an astounding variety of flavors. Quality varies widely. Most contain distilled water, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine, flavoring, and, if you wish, nicotine.

In e-juice, nicotine is offered in various levels from very strong (22-26mg/ml), regular (16-18mg/ml), low (10-12mg/ml), very low (6-8 mg/ml) and ZERO (0mg/ml). Higher concentrations can be purchased, but are only for mixing/diluting: Not for vaping, as those high levels would be harmful/dangerous.

ZERO e-juice can be useful for 1) nonsmokers who want to vape for fun (want to learn to blow vapor rings without becoming a smoker?). 2) Dieters who want to satisfy a craving for flavor without calories. 3) smokers who want to go through the habitual motions of smoking while reducing their nicotine intake.

Another term for e-juice.

The wadding or filler found inside the cartridge, cartomizer, or mouthpiece that holds the e-juice. Filler can be some variety of polyfill (like in many pillows and stuffed animals) or other loosely absorbent nontoxic materials.

A type of foam filter used in aquariums - some people have reportedly used this to replace the old fiber type filling found in most electronic cigarette cartridges.

The act of breathing vapor into your lungs. Typically only used for getting the most nicotine into your bloodstream, as occurs in smoking. For fun or flavor, taking the vapor into the mouth is sufficient.

see e-juice

Abbreviation for Milliampere-hour, which is used to describe a battery's energy capacity or charge. The amount of electricity that a battery will hold before it needs recharging.

manual e-cig
An electronic cigarette which activates when the user presses a small button.

mg strength
Milligram strength per millilitre (ml) - relates to the percentage of nicotine contained within the e-liquid. For example, 18mg is 18mg of nicotine per ml = 1.8% nicotine

A common abbreviation for 'modified battery'. This term came into use in the early days because the basic battery units sold then left a lot to be desired. It has remained as a term to describe the now manufactured versions of the early 'mods' that solved key issues early E-Cig users had.

see e-juice

Common acronym for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (i.e. the patch, gum, etc)

An electronic cigarette "battery" that is powered directly via a compatible USB cable and powered by a USB charger or computer's USB port. It's always available to use and it means there is no need to drain regular batteries while sitting near a computer or power outlet.

Common acronym for Personal (or portable) Charging Case. This allows an electronic cigarette battery to be stored in and charged from the PCC battery while away from other power sources.

Common acronym for Polyethylene Glycol - a less common ingredient found in e-juice

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste. It is colorless and nearly odorless. It is used in many processed foods you eat and is used as a delivery medium in many inhalers. PG is commonly mixed in solution with nicotine and flavourings to make e-liquid. PG is used is to dilute the nicotine, give the solution a thinner viscosity and provide a good throat hit.

NOTE: PG is NOT ethylene glycol, the very toxic chemical in anti-freeze. Sometimes PG is used as an alternative  in anti-freeze applications when low-to-no toxicity is desired). Only Food-safe propylene glycol is (and should ever be) used for vaping.

protected (batteries)
The battery has a computer chip that protects the battery and breaks the circuit in the battery from completing if the voltage goes too high or too low, the current goes too high or the cell temperature rises too high.
Also see unprotected (batteries)

see passthrough

Common acronym for Pyramid Tea Bags. Reportedly, some users find that this material works better than the polyester fiber filling found in most electronic cigarette cartridges and cartomizers.

The act of sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapor into your mouth.

Common acronym for Personal Vaporizer. This is the term I (and many others) prefer for electronic cigarette.

TH / Throat Hit / Hit
 The tingling sensation felt in the back of the throat when inhaling vapor. Preferences for TH vary from person to person.

topping off
Adding a few drops of e-juice to your current cartridge so it lasts longer.

unprotected (batteries)
The battery does not have protection against extreme battery events. Dangerous, even though such events are rare. But why take chances?
Also see protected (batteries)

usb passthrough
see passthrough

vape, vaping
The use of an electronic cigarette. Used in a similar fashion to the term "smoking" when referring to using an analog cigarette

The name given to the user of the electronic cigarette. Used in a similar fashion to the term "smoker" when referring to an analog cigarette user

vapour / vapor
The smoke-like mist that is emitted from an electronic cigarette

vent holes
Safety feature common in many high-end PVs or mods casings. These are special holes to vent battery gases away from the face in case of battery explosion.

Common acronym for Vegetable Glycerine, a common ingredient found in e-juice. It is sweet tasting, has low toxicity, is thicker than Propylene Glycol, and is usually used where thicker liquid or vapor is desired or when a user has a PG sensitivity. 

see bridge