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  • BrandVision
  • Product TypeKit
  • Battery Storage900MAH
  • ColourSilver
  • Price:£26.99
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    Welcome to this GENUINE Vision kit, our kits and clearomizers are Genuine Vision products and are not copies.
    This kit comes with everything you need to get started, just add liquid.
    The ever popular ego batteries at 900 mah capacity provide enough life for around 8-10 hours use, while having another battery there just in case ;)
    Always be using one while the other is charging, never be without.
    Comes with 2 Vision V3 clearomizers, these clearomisers are rebuildable saving you costs in the long run, with only having to buy spare parts rather than a whole new clearomiser.

    Batteries have the 5 click on/off feature, please note all batteries are sent turned off, when you first recieve your new kit please remember to tap the buttons 5 times to turn on upon first use.

    Product comes with:

    2 Ego Vision 900 Mah Batteries (stainless steel)
    2 Vision V3 Clearomizers Clear - Rebuildable
    1 USB charger
    1 Wall charger
    1 smart carry case

    Replacement V3 heads can be found here
    Replacement re-buildable V3 clearomizers can be found here

    For information on how to use this kit please click here

    When you receive your kit, please unscrew all parts of the V3 clearomizer and make sure everything is screwed in tight before filling with liquid, especially the head within the clearomizer, to prevent any initial leaks and to prolong the life of the clearomizer.

    Your battery may contain the Vision Logo, Ego-T logo or nothing printed, unfortunately we cant offer a choice as kits are sealed from Vision.  All batteries come with the official Vision hall mark on the threading of the battery.

    Warranty Information for this product, read before buying, click link below.


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    5 Stars
    Pam - Essex

    I've been a smoker for over 40 years, just started vaping last weekend, so I am very new to this whole concept and there is are so many options out there. I initially bought a cigarette lookalike type kit, prefilled cartridges (medium strength nicotine). I managed with that for a day or two but I saw this site mentioned on a forum, placed my order and never looked back. Improving on this kit would be very hard, it's so easy to operate even for beginners like me and although I'm only using very low strength nicotine, it's perfect in keeping any cravings away. They processed, packed and dispatched my order yesterday and the postman delivered it this morning - that's what I call excellent service! I was also kept informed at all stages which is important when you've ordered something that you need to be home for.

    All I can say is, after all these years of smoking, I knew it would take something really exceptional to make it possible for me to stop. I've not had - or wanted - a cigarette in 4 days and now I've got this kit I can confidently say I will never smoke again. And that has to be worth 5 stars.

    Thank you Vapeland for such excellent service.

    5 Stars
    Alison A - Bath

    It's an early review, I literally got my first Vision V3 Ego starter kit in the post an hour ago (ordered yesterday so fantastic delivery time). I ordered Highway liquid as it seemed to be the nearest to smoking for me for now (and the other one I opted for was out of stock :D).

    So, I've been vaping for half an hour lol... the kit is fantastic, easy to understand instructions - and great help videos on this website - and the liquid, at medium strength, seems fine for me. Getting a nice throat kick and I CAN DO THIS :D

    I feel positive about what's to come and hope to be able to confidently call myself an ex-smoker soon!

    5 Stars
    vicki - wales

    Best e cig I have ever had best thing it dosn't leak at all great battery life strong vape great value for money

    5 Stars
    Stewart - Northumberland

    Nothing much to say except this kit is probably the closest you'll experience to smoking out there. The vapor produced is much thicker and better tasting than may others I have tried and I have a good selection of cartomisers believe me.....all of which will now be redundant due to the Vision V3's supplied here. Delivery.....well thats supersonic! Ordered on a friday at 1st class rate and recieved Sat morning. Forget the most popular high street kits out there and get them from Vapeland. Its a shame I had to spend so much on less inferior vapes until I found Vapeland but hopefully if your reading this you wont do the same. Anyway best deal and equipment I've found for a near perfect smoke! Just buy it.....you wont be dissapointed. By the way Im 49 and smoked 20-30 rollies a day since I could remember. Since getting a vapper I havnt touched another real cigarette.

    5 Stars
    Angela - Falkirk, Scotland

    Wow! Cannot rate this piece of equipment high enough! Been smoking for 20 odd years, tried Hypnotherapy, Accupuncture, Patches etc to give up, to NO avail....Done some extensive research online, and decided the Ego kit was the one for me, and Vapeland the supplier for me after the countless fab reviews. I purchased in the afternoon of Monday, and my kit arrived super fast at 11am on Tues! Can't ask for more than that, And I haven't smoked, nor purchased a cigarette since!! The best of it is, after a few puffs of the kit I didn't even want a cigarette.....I am logged on today to buy another kit for my mother in law. Really impressed with this vapouriser doo dah and the company itself is super efficient and does what it says on the tin - A rareity these days! 3 days off the fags and counting!!

    5 Stars
    craig - bedford


    I have been using the cartage style ones from the super market for a week or two now and found them to be weak but I liked the concept

    this thing though is amazing (so far) loads of "smoke" and the 24mg oil I haven't even picked up my tin today

    great product

    5 Stars
    Kev M - Cornwall

    Been smoking for 30 years. Rollies, cigars...everything¿ New nothing about vaping and tried a cheap e cig kit from a supermarket but tasted nothing like my cafe creme cigars, not enough 'hit' and batteries die way too fast. Searched the net and read reviews and landed on this site. For a double kit with 900mah batteries I couldn't find a better price for genuine parts. V3 reviews rated it highly plus it's rebuildable. Ordered cherry cigar, vanilla and GV to get started plus spare tank and atty. Arrived next day and quickly checked the threads topped it up, pressed the button and inhaled. OMG! They are amazing! Loads of vapour, great throat hit and battery lasts ages. I've cut right down on cigars and apart from some strange feeling of betrayal towards 'smoking' I actually prefer to vape. Wife likes the aroma, I feel healthier and I'm saving loads. P.s. Cherry cigar and vanilla diy mix is to die for. Great kit, great company...cheers guys.

    5 Stars
    Ruth R - St Leonards On Sea

    I've been vaping with the 10 Motives disposable e-cigs for a while and decided I'd like something a little less long term pricey and rather more stylish. Vapeland were quick, good value for money and everything I hoped for. Just a quick note to anyone used to the same kind of disposable e-cigs as I was using. These lovely 'grown up' Ego kits are much more efficient at delivering the vape. The 16mg that I was used to with the Motives gave me a bit of a head at first so newcomers might want to opt for less of a nicotine hit. I'm looking forward to trying new flavours and I'll be recommending Vapeland to anyone thinking of switching. Excellent work, guys.

    5 Stars
    Vic Tye - Birmingham

    Kit has arrived, Vapeland came through in tremendous fashion - added to my internet faves naturally :-D

    I have charged up and mixed the RY4 & Cappuccino flavours and what a lovely flavour experience, nothing like my Café Crème I am giving up it has to be said but a great flavour nonetheless & another smoker at work has had a draw and really liked the flavour too, I think a little play about with the RY4 & Cap mix will get it really close.

    Thank you all again

    5 Stars
    Michael Norcop - Stoke-on-Trent

    I'm back again. I wrote the review below back in March when I first went onto vaping. Now, three months later and three months wiser and never having had another cigarette since I began vaping, I can confirm that this kit is probably the best kit you'll ever buy to start with, and even with the small rise in price it's still unbeatable from what I've seen around. And after another three months of service from Vapeland for various items and juice, I can confirm that you'll never get better service from ANYONE! Forget the patches; forget the gum; and just go for it if you're serious about stopping smoking and want to improve your health 100%. After 60 years of smoking, I've finally kicked the habit. Yay!!!